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Jamie's Song feat. Lori Nuic

from The Big Picture by Cale Sampson

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Artist: Cale Sampson Feat. Lori Nuic
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Jamie’s Song

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love

[Verse One: Cale Sampson]
I broke up with a girl, were no longer together
I’m contemplating, quitting music forever
Used to think it was my destiny, writing these songs
Maybe I’ve just been lying to myself all along
People say I’m the sickest MC they’ve ever seen
But I’m taking too long to get my album released
It’s not cheap, that’s why I keep going into debt
Trying to follow my dreams, and now my girlfriend left
So I’m at my dad’s place, sleeping on the floor
Feeling depressed, the only place I can afford
I should just conform and be like more of my friends
Man I’m getting too old to be starting over again
Trying to reverse my luck, what can I tell ya
It’s like life’s raining on me and I got no umbrella
And I feel cornered, I’m against the ropes
My only choice is to fight through and have a little hope
I’ve been walking with my head down, practically blind
Missing opportunities that were passing me by
Once you lift your head up, a new world appears
That you couldn’t see before and everything becomes clear
If you stay strong through the darkness comes light
That’s what happened to me, I met the love of my life
When I wasn’t expecting, a miracle occurred
Her name is Jamie and this song is for her

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love

[Verse Two: Cale Sampson]
Now everything’s gotten better, I moved in with my girl
Life is great, feels like I’m on top of the world
Cuz’ the power of love defies obstacles
And it can make you believe anything is possible
And there’s nothing, we can’t achieve together
Like a team that just keeps getting stronger than ever
She’s down with the music, not consumed by wealth
And knows pursuing your dreams is what life is all about
So then I finally released my album
Couldn’t believe it, a sold out show was the outcome
Had to pinch myself to make sure it was true
Man it’s amazing what a positive attitude can do
That’s why I smile when I go to bed at night
Sometimes I can’t fall asleep, I feel great about my life
You can work towards your goals on your own and by yourself
But it’s more fulfilling when you can share them with someone else
I won’t forget driving that four wheeler
With Jamie on my back through the hills in Costa Rica
Or travelling to Paris, Lisbon, Venice
There’s many more to come, all our adventures are endless
Were meant for each other, like two soul mates
And the spark will still be there at the end of our days
Beauty’s only skin deep, so when our looks fade away
I’ll still be reading poems to her when I’m old and I’m gray
And I wrote this one here, to inspire all those
Who’s hearts have been broken, who are losing their hope
When you least expect it, a miracle can come true
Don’t ever give up on love, cuz’ this song is for you

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love


from The Big Picture, released September 3, 2013
Performed by: Cale Sampson & Lori Nuic
Produced by: Muneshine




Cale Sampson Toronto, Ontario

Cale Sampson is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Toronto. In 2009, he was named the “Best Songwriter of the Year” by NOW Magazine for their annual "Best of T.O. edition. He has also toured in Canada, the U.S.and Asia with such acts as The Hilltop Hoods, Aceyalone, and Scratch from The Roots. ... more

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