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Conscious Revolution feat. Rupert Harvey

from The Big Picture by Cale Sampson

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Artist: Cale Sampson feat. Rupert Harvey
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Conscious Revolution

[Verse One - Cale Sampson]
Our entire universe is a giant organism
Just like a human being it’s alive and living
With awareness of itself, everything within it
Is made up of energy and that’s what consciousness is
So every single person, in existence
Are expressions of this conscious energy that are different
Limited to five senses, only able to perceive
A very narrow bandwidth of this reality
What you see in the mirror is not actually you
It’s an illusion of perception, that gets you confused
Cuz’ what appears to be solid and what atoms make
Is really ninety-nine point nine-nine empty space
Were vessels, consciousness uses as tools
To observe our free will and gather knowledge through
And I know this probably sounds esoteric to you
But quantum physics has proven that it’s actually true

[Chorus x 2 – Rupert Harvey]
We are Powerful,
with unlimited potential
When were in a state
Of love
( A Conscious Revolution )

[Verse Two – Cale Sampson]
The greatest discovery of planet earth
Is it has a consciousness, governed by the universe
And it has it’s own pulse, it’s own heartbeat
That it shares with all biological living things
By disseminating down through waves and frequencies
Which eventually converge in the brains of human beings
And now science has bridged the gap
That connects the physical and spiritual at last
Everyone has a surrounding field of energy
Our hearts generate electromagnetically
So the thoughts and emotions, we feel within
Shape the outer physical reality that were in
This information has been known for ages
And was commonly taught by the shamans and sages
Back in pre-historic ancient civilizations
By the Hopi, Apache and Cherokee natives
And now a new awareness has taken
Place as more and more people start to awaken
Consciousness is evolving, we need to embrace it
Stay centred in love, there’s nothing to be afraid of

[Chorus x 2 – Rupert Harvey]
We are Powerful,
with unlimited potential
When were in a state
Of love
( A Conscious Revolution )

[Verse Three – Cale Sampson]
Throughout our whole lives we’ve been made to believe
That were just little people who are powerless and weak
That were insignificant, in the higher scheme a things
But it’s a lie, the opposite is reality
So don’t believe, the false history we’ve been taught
It’s time to talk to our neighbours and turn the television off
Take responsibility for your actions and thoughts
And realize the true potential that you’ve got
Cuz once you understand the way that energy works
You’ll feel connected to each other and the earth
Then you’ll listen to your heart when it’s speaking to you
And start to do the right thing, in all that you do
Our collective consciousness has to decide
To be in a state of love and no longer comply
So were fully empowered, now step away from the fear
And start to lead by example, the revolution is here

[Chorus x 2 – Rupert Harvey]
We are Powerful,
with unlimited potential
When were in a state
Of love
( A Conscious Revolution )


from The Big Picture, released September 3, 2013
Performed by: Cale Sampson & Rupert Harvey
Produced by: Fresh Kils




Cale Sampson Toronto, Ontario

Cale Sampson is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Toronto. In 2009, he was named the “Best Songwriter of the Year” by NOW Magazine for their annual "Best of T.O. edition. He has also toured in Canada, the U.S.and Asia with such acts as The Hilltop Hoods, Aceyalone, and Scratch from The Roots. ... more

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